Poem: “Reconcile” (Colossians 1)

by Kwame Toure Kagale

As I look at what my life has been like for me I often feel like I am a survivalist on the path of self destruction.

In 1990 “Self Destruction” was a number one song but that was more than 20 years ago and we still haven’t gotten the message.

Does every black man feel this way or am I the exception, just some twisted contradiction from my true reflection of GOD’s perfection? Continue reading

Poem: “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

by AMN

Blood, Sweat and Tears,
constant heckling and nasty jeers.
Wrongfully convicted by a jury of
His peers.
When He gave up the ghost,
A soldier blatantly chose
To pierce His side with a spear.
That’s the same pain I felt when
the judge handed me sixty
Blood, Sweat and Tears…

Poem: “Prison Yuletide”

by Taj Alexander Mahon-Haft

“Prison Yuletide”

Warden humbugged the doors up tight
Hot chocolate, hugs, and mistletoe stay out!
No cheer or candy canes breathe here.
No winter, festive, or wonderland fit between the bars.
No colors, twinkles, scents sneak beneath the fence,
even gifts exchanged violate basic rules.
Trees, angels, stars, it matters not,
season’s spirits and symbols need not apply,
But one subdued, shackled service can we see.
Yuletide trimmings, holiday tidings
must be checked at the door.
If Stalin and the Grinch procreated,
that’d be the Christmas mascot here.
Claiming “security,” they scrooge us every year. Continue reading

Poem: “A Convict’s Symphony”

by AMN

“A Convict’s Symphony”

The system believes that Christ would
never have any dealings with me.
A gangsta’ who ran the streets.
Welcome to this convict’s symphony,
Please forgive me,
But there’s no violins playing in this soliloquy.
The Messiah came to redeem me of
my iniquities!
It’s been almost two millennia since He
obediently embraced his destiny.
What was that you said to me?
Oh, yeah,
“Jesus despises people like me!” Continue reading