Poem: “Awakened (Ecclesiastes 11:9)”


by Michael Weems

“Awakened (Ecclesiastes 11:9)”

Awaken to the many horrors
Knowing you’re upon those shores
Terror seeps into your bones
Knowing not how far gone
Crashing through this savage surf
Running upon a ravished Earth

Peering into these delirious minds
Grasping at the thought lines
Fearing the lost of sanity
Not knowing it’s a Vanity
Gravitating toward the inevitable realities
You’re just another forgotten casuality

Pulsating again within your heart
Black wings of a midnight lark
Your life’s blood run cold
Within whispers of death’s door
Feeling light as a feather
Past, Present, Future run together

As lightning chases the sky
Terror rises to a new high
Your bones vibrating with thunder
Viciously your sanity is asundered
Chaos erupting within your being
Climactic ecstasy ensues this feeling

Is this Love or Hate
What could be your fate
This endless chasm of loneliness
Drifting further way from holiness
Closing eyes as smell permeates
Is it Roses or sulfate?

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