Poem: “A Convict’s Symphony”

by AMN

“A Convict’s Symphony”

The system believes that Christ would
never have any dealings with me.
A gangsta’ who ran the streets.
Welcome to this convict’s symphony,
Please forgive me,
But there’s no violins playing in this soliloquy.
The Messiah came to redeem me of
my iniquities!
It’s been almost two millennia since He
obediently embraced his destiny.
What was that you said to me?
Oh, yeah,
“Jesus despises people like me!”

His passion seared the world of its
He accomplished that task when the
Romans executed him on that Cross.
“And what was the cause?”
We the people
needed his healing as soon as
paradise was lost.

“You sold drugs, the salvation you
seek is over!”
Imagine yourself at Calvary.
Do you see the burdens on his shoulders?
They’re heavier than massive boulders
And I don’t recall my Lord every preaching
“closed borders.”

Endless beatings,
Senseless shootings,
Blue Lives do nothing but end
Black and Brown lives.
Yet, I’m the one sentenced with
De facto Life.
Please do the math while you ride
the Mass Incarceration express line,
Count the millions of lives
that pass you by.
These are the despised,
Locked up and buried alive.
Politicians criminalize and dehumanize,
Just to pull the wool over the American
people’s eyes.

The words I use might sound fallible,
They probably feel flexible and malleable,
But yet this statement is the hardest
one available.
This’ll be the realest thing you’ll ever
“He is Risen!”and soon the world
will see.

Once again,
This is a convict’s symphony.
Pay close attention to this soliloquy.
It’s so alive,
You can hear these pages breathe

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