Poem: “Journey”

Matthew 6:33


by Michael Weems

When one considers oneself, he comes to realize he knows nothing,
Knowing that he lacks knowledge causes one of two things,
One a striving after knowledge to better oneself,
Two a self loathing pushing further from oneself.

To drive one’s head against a wall will split it, but to drive
against a Spiritual wall can cause Enlightenment. When Enlightenment
comes the knowledge of oneself becomes clear to the point of exaltation.

The striving after Spiritual enlightenment has been man’s whole existing goal.
Few have attained for few will ever glimpse it.
But many will loose themselves to the chaos and destruction for not attaining Spiritual enlightenment.

As you close your eyes you see the Bow of Glory and the river of Knowledge.
The path leads alongside a river, draws one along a smooth pearly surface.
A cool breeze in you face keeps you refreshed and expecting.

As you lean down to the soft lapping shores of the river, a redwood cup floats down and comes to rest at your feet.

As you grasp it you admire the fine craftsmanship that was place into that cup.
You dip it into the cool water and it comes out full with the fruit of the vine.
The wine of the gods.
The flavor assaults your senses as it gets toward your lips.

As it passes across your lips you feel the knowledge of the ages flow into your bones.
Your knees buckle and you awaken trembling before your mirror…

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