Devotion: “Life’s Journey”

by Jessica McGee

“Life’s Journey”

Jeremiah 29:11-13

When you realize that God has a plan for you, what do you do? Proverbs 16:3 says to commit my ways to God and my thoughts will be established. I suggest a purification of the heart. My heart and emotions always drive me to do things. I catch myself daily saying, “My heart knows” or “I feel wholeheartedly”about something. God has a plan for us, even a plan for our future when that seems so far away and chaotic. God knows what we need before we need it. My goal is to focus on Him knowing that His way is the best way. I’ll spend time in the Word and be a reflection of whom I serve. My ways landed me in an uncompromising position, but God’s way will land me in peace. Thank you Lord for allowing me into Your kingdom and directing me on my life’s journey. Amen.

When my road is curving towards failure-look to God to make my way straight.


Reflection: Isaiah 26:3

by Jessica McGee

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You. (Isaiah 26:3 NKJV)

A lot of people think that being in prison is easy. You don’t have to worry about bills, or politics. They think our daily life consists of standing behind bars and watching television, but they are wrong. Continue reading

Reflection: “What God Needed…”

by Jessica McGee

McGee Jn 14What God needed…

“But he needed to go through Samaria…” (John 4:4)

God knows what to do. He’s God. God knows what he needs. He’s God. The reading today states that God wants to reach every person even a woman. She was a woman whom Christ should’ve never spoken to, but he did. He told hers things that no man would know, He offered her a life with Him. She took it and believed. She spread the Good News long before Jesus ascended to heaven. The first person to tell it. A woman.

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Poem: “Life”

by Vickie Rose Byrd

Luke 23:34


(to accompany the drawing “Life”)

Falsely accused, used, and abused, beaten
torn apart. The question screams within
my heart. Why must i live in fear, is
this the vision of my life, not clear, in my
eyes all you’ll see is sadness, surrounded
by all this madness. not so long ago, i was
left for dead, my tears dripped of blood so
red. they could fill a river, i start to shiver.
Sorrow and moaning was all one could
hear, is some one near. i closed my swollen
eye, that is black as night. prayed to the
lord, “forgive them father. they don’t know wrong
from right. My Life to you i give, for you, i want
to live.” i hear a voice say “you have done your best.
it’s time to rest, your sins are forgiven. close
that door. i wait to give you so much more.
if you stumble or fall, call on the name of
Jesus Christ. i will hear your call. so
rise up. stand tall.”

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