Who may submit writing or artwork to Prison Lectionary?

Prison Lectionary will accept submissions from anyone incarcerated in the United States.

What kind of writings and art are welcome?

Prison Lectionary invites any interpretive writing or art that engages with a biblical text. Texts from the Revised Common Lectionary are assigned to specific authors, but anyone is welcome to choose a biblical passage and submit a one-page reflection, a drawing, a prayer, or a poem based on the text. In the future, we also plan to publish book reviews, poetry, devotions, and articles on prison ministry and the criminal justice system.

What kinds of writings or art WILL NOT be published on Prison Lectionary?

Prison Lectionary seeks to foster a safe and respectful space for dialogue around the Bible and issues related to Mass Incarceration. Therefore, Prison Lectionary WILL NOT publish anything that advocates violence or disrespects anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender, economic class, sexual orientation, political ideology, or physical condition. Also, at this time, we are not publishing “testimonies.”

How do artists and writers contribute work?

Prisoners must use this release form to submit their work:  Prison Lectionary release form