Kwame Toure Kagale

My name is Charles Bonamy but I prefer to be called “Kwame” which is short for “Kwame Toure Kagale.” It means “He who fuels the fires for change and born in a time of trouble”. I took on this name when I became a pan-African and even though I don’t hold to all of the principles of this way of life as I once did, the name still fits me I think. I am a Catholic, my date of birth is 09 April 1970, and I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My interests and hobbies are playing chess, writing short stories, essays, poems, working out, reading, going to church and bible study, and sharing the goodness of GOD with everyone I meet.I am working on writing a book on the life lessons I learned from being in prison for the better part of three decades.

Read contributions by Kwame here.

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