Poem: “The Everlasting Canvas”

by AMN

Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo
The Almighty has them faded.
Look around you, none of his work is dated.
The stars, the sun and the moon,
Who else has the skill set to paint it?
I bet he started you when he allowed
His only son to be put to the worst,
Slapped in the face, spit on and mocked
While he bore that Roman curse.
When are you going to put away your
Pride so you can see?
These are just Divine brushstrokes
of God’s eternal destiny.
Why else do the birds fly and chirp
His praise?
Is there another reason why His sheep
gather on the hills to graze?
Is there really going to be an end of
Take a step back and frame it.
We are just marvelous splashes of
pigment in His Everlasting Canvas.
How else can you explain the beautiful plains of Kansas?

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