Reflection: “What God Needed…”

by Jessica McGee

McGee Jn 14What God needed…

“But he needed to go through Samaria…” (John 4:4)

God knows what to do. He’s God. God knows what he needs. He’s God. The reading today states that God wants to reach every person even a woman. She was a woman whom Christ should’ve never spoken to, but he did. He told hers things that no man would know, He offered her a life with Him. She took it and believed. She spread the Good News long before Jesus ascended to heaven. The first person to tell it. A woman.

When we think of women in the Bible we think of Eve, Ruth, Esther but not her, as she has no name, like me. I am a number in the DOC system. Helpless, defeated, a failure; but God needs me. He needs me to tell my story of how he entered my life and made me whole, restored to me things taken away and, just like the women at the well, I believed, I received, and I will never thirst again. Me, an offender. A person who was given up by man but has been given another chance by God. For that reason, I’ll run and tell all how good He is to me and good he is for you.


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