Lectionary: Baptism of Christ A

by Keith Wiglusz

Acts 10:34-43

Peter preached that “God shows no favoritism”. We certainly serve an inclusive God. “Come all those who are tired and heavy laden” seems to be what we all want to hear in this busy world.

I live in a very sheltered world and at times I feel insignificant. I also live in a world of loneliness and deep regret. Could God actually care or even use me still? His word assures me He does and it’s funny how the least of us can actually be used by God.

I see in scripture that the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ as a dove when He was baptized. Certainly for us our own baptism has or could also indwell in us the power of the Holy Spirit. With Jesus being from Nazareth what importance was that area of Judah as compared to Jerusalem at that time? He was raised a carpenter and had no status in life until the Father empowered Him with the Holy Spirit.

We too can be from a life of zero status or in a prison of regrets with fences or not and know God can empower us with mighty works of the Holy Spirit. How wonderful we serve a God who gives us all equal merit to receive the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

Do you feel as a believer that God has little use for you? Maybe He has more and your epiphany is today. I am thankful for no favoritism and my baptism. One of my favorite quotes was taught to me by a very dear prison chaplain, “God doesn’t pick the equipped, He equips those He picks.” The indwelling of the power of the Holy Spirit is available for all. Many persons we learn from the Bible had very little status in life until God used them. Paul who wrote those wonderful epistles was actually persecuting the church before his conversion on the road to Damascus. Oh, how God used Him in a mighty way!

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