Lectionary: Easter 5C

by AMN

Fifth Sunday of Easter C

Revelation 21:1-6

“The Endgame”

Before the foundation of the Earth was formed, our Heavenly Father already had the “happily ever after” all figured out. The life that exists today and everything in it is temporary.

Right now as we speak, the creator is making a new Heaven and Earth. What’s the reason? Well, the one true God is making a place so that we can dwell with him. That’s the whole endgame. The Creator of the entire universe wants to be in a relationship with his creation. Since the beginning of time, the creation of man, the life, death, and resurrection of Christ and until now, he wants to dwell with us and us with him.

So whatever it is that you’ve done in your past that makes you feel not worthy to be a citizen of God’s kingdom, don’t worry about it. God figured everything out so that you too can enter in the new place that He is making. In that new place, there will no longer be pain, sorrow, grief, death, and all our tears will be wiped away. It’s all a part of his victorious endgame!




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