Lectionary: Easter 4C

by AMN

Fourth Sunday of Easter: Year C

John 10:22-30

When I was younger, I had a distorted view on how to worship God. Many times I would say, “I’m not ready yet.” I thought that before I can enter in his presence, I had to be perfect. That’s crazy, right? It was not until I heard his voice, that I realized I had it all wrong.

In John chapter ten, Jesus uses the metaphor of a shepherd and his sheep because the people of his day all knew the dynamic of that relationship, being descendants of King David. Sheep only answer to the voice of their shepherd and they blindly trust in him to lead them to safe and pleasant pastures. Shepherds, well, good shepherd, have to be very nurturing, caring, loving, patient, and fearless to the dangers that will come.

Christ endured the most intense danger that man can face, that was death. He fearlessly did it so that our path can be cleared straight into our heavenly father’s bosom. All this was done so that we don’t have to be distant from our Holy God anymore.

Are you ready to blindly trust the Good Shepherd of our lives? Do you hear him knocking at the door of your heart? Are you ready to let him in?

Lord, thank you for being our Good Shepherd. You are the Good Shepherd that King David spoke of in his psalms. Your presence allows us to move forward without any fear. Your goodness and mercy are with us always. Amen


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