Lectionary: Easter 3C

by AMN

Acts 9:1-20

“For His Name’s Sake”

How dramatic was the conversion of Paul? Well, it’s kind of like one of those instances that we should have been there. If you read it carefully along with prayer, you see that it’s an action-packed screenplay, just dying for the director Steven Spielberg to put on film.

Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, changed the heart of one man and it still affects us today. Paul was an enemy of Christ, but through God’s grace was made a vessel unto Jesus to preach the gospel before kings, gentiles, and the children of Israel (v. 15).

Only Jesus has the power to change lives and circumstances. Easter 3C Acts9The ministry of Paul is a perfect example. Before his conversion, he thought his actions were rightfully serving God. Not until his life-changing encounter with Jesus was he able to see the error of his ways. He suffered great things for his name’s sake and he did it with humility and meekness.

I too encountered Jesus Christ and he gave me the strength to change my life. It was once a drug-dealing gangbanger but now I am an apostle of Jesus Christ. No matter how bad your situation might be or how grim your life is, the pain and suffering is only for a little while. Consider it a badge of honor to suffer for his name’s sake.


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