Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Prison Lectionary launched in November 2015 and we are slowly building an archive of biblical interpretation in prison. We do not yet offer materials on every book of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) but as more work is published it will become accessible through the following index.

Genesis               2 Chronicles          Daniel

Exodus                Ezra                          Hosea

Leviticus             Nehemiah              Joel

Numbers            Esther                      Amos

Deuteronomy      Job                        Obadiah

Joshua                  Psalms                   Jonah

Judges                  Proverbs                Micah

Ruth                     Ecclesiastes          Nahum

1 Samuel            Song                   Habakkuk

2 Samuel            Isaiah              Zephaniah

1 Kings                Jeremiah              Haggai

2 Kings            Lamentations     Zechariah

1 Chronicles     Ezekiel                  Malachi