Lectionary: Epiphany 4B

Sometimes I think that perhaps life is simply safer and easier in prison than out. Life in here can be difficult, painful, and violent, but there is a clarity and honesty to it. The outside world, one I’ve only seen on TV and in glossy magazines for 20 years now, seems to be consumed with acrimony and judgment. Rather than bringing us closer together, new technology is just documenting how we are splitting ourselves into tribes, and casting our anger at others. We are a world in need of a savior.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month: “Tamar’s Tears”

I observed a dynamic on two fronts at play. For men, comfort in the disparity of gender roles in the Black community, and among Black women, a normalization so thoroughly ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist that they don’t even realize that the disparity exists. A normalization of an arbitrary inequality among a significant portion of the Black populace.…

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Prison Lectionary launched in November 2015 and we are slowly building an archive of biblical interpretation in prison. We do not yet offer materials on every book of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) but as more work is…