Sermon: The Longest Night

It takes bravery to seek joy. But let’s be honest, who really wants to be brave? This is my 19th Christmas in prison. I have experienced great joy, but I’ve also had it up to here with bravery. This is a night for humility and vulnerability, for trust and faith. Hope is present; bravery can take a hike.


Prison, with a sentence of any length, is a death. It is one of those experiences that changes you forever. Even if your sentence is short, whatever comes next will be touched by your time in prison. This death is more profound when you have a longer sentence, as I do. Coming to prison meant that my old life, and the plans and dreams I had, all died. Acknowledging that was a long and painful grieving process. It felt like the end of my world, and in a way it was.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: “Tamar’s Tears”

I observed a dynamic on two fronts at play. For men, comfort in the disparity of gender roles in the Black community, and among Black women, a normalization so thoroughly ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist that they don’t even realize that the disparity exists. A normalization of an arbitrary inequality among a significant portion of the Black populace.…

An Epistle of the Incarcerated to the 21st Century Church

The Prince of the power of the air, that old serpent, has beguiled you into thinking that throwing away the key for the convicted criminals in America is the solution to society’s problems. Satan has “Hood-winked” you into believing that criminals cannot and will not be rehabilitated, nor transformed into the likeness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Letter of EB to the Churches

“What would the apostle Paul do if he heard about the mistreatment of brothers and sisters who return to our congregations and communities after being released from prison? I think we know exactly what Paul would do. Paul would write a letter!”…