Lectionary: Epiphany 3A

“Whom Should I Fear?”

Psalm 27

by AMN

Many times over the course of my life, I became overwhelmed and fear overtook me. Anxiety set in and I began to think that my life was over and that was not going to be able to overcome. 

That was until I learned to turn toward our Heavenly Father. What I realized—as Scripture showed me—is that He’s the one who shines a light during my time of bleak darkness and gives me the strength I need to move forward in His grace.

If God is on my side, who should I fear? If He is my provider, who should I be afraid of? Even now, the people who had a crucial hand in falsely securing my conviction believe they destroyed me and buried me in a carceral grave. But to the contrary, what they intended to be evil, God turned into something magnificent and great!

On this very week, I am able to celebrate my 36th birthday and thanks and glory be to God that I am able to share it with each and every one of you. Thanks to my false accusers, they saved me from my own self.

Thank you, Almighty God, because there are
more for us than there are against us. Although
our accusers and oppressors wish us evil,
we acknowledge that your had is in everything
and we need not to be afraid of anything.
Although they try to destroy the body, they have
no power to destroy the soul because we
belong to you and only you. Amen.

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