Poem: Psalm 30:5 (in the wake of violence)

“Weeping may endure for the night,
but joy comes in the morning”
– Psalm 30:5 –

In the midst of our
darkest times,
of great sadness and sorrow.

The LORD has made us,
a promise.
For better days and a
brighter tomorrow.

He assures us through His
holy word that everything
happens for a reason.

Though it may be hard to
believe now.
These dark times are only
for a season.

Like winter when it vanishes
and spring takes its place
sorrow also leaves us
when joy comes to us by grace.

The smile that may seem,
like only a memory to us today.
Will soon be back on our face
and laughter with it too,
courtesy of GOD’s amazing grace.

Let us be at peace even
during these darkest of times,
that Jesus can and will
keep all His promises to us
if we never cease to give
to Him all our trust.

Kwame Toure Kagale

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