It’s still Christmas!

Circumstances beyond our control delayed the publication of several more contributions for Christmas. Fortunately, December 25th is only the first day of Christmas! There are twelve days of Christmas, so there’s still time! In the next two days look for a a few more reflections of “Christmas in Prison” and a poem or two.

Essay Series: “Christmas in Prison”

On his 1973 album Sweet Revenge, singer-songwriter John Prine attempted to capture the despair and hopeful longing that he imagined simultaneously occupied the mind of a prisoner at Christmastime.

Whether or not “Christmas in Prison” is an accurate account might be debated. This year in lieu of Advent devotions we’ve invited prisoners around the country to reflect on what Christmas means behind bars. Some share stories of their first Christmas as a prisoner or one that is most memorable. Others offer their perspective on the ways Christmas is kept “on the street.” May they all remind us that wherever Christmas comes—to rich and poor, young and old, free and prisoner—it marks the birth of a child who would eventually die as a prisoner. Who knows? Maybe prisoners have some special authority on the matter.

Upcoming Reflections on Violence

Many have been touched by recent violent events in the United States and, thankfully, some have been moved to action. Over the next week or so, it will be our honor to share a few of those responses by prisoners.  Please stay tuned and, if you like what you read, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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