Letter of EB to the Churches

St SilasApostolic Letters from Prison

In the book Ministry with Prisoners & Families: The Way Forward, Madeline McClenny-Sadler writes

“What would the apostle Paul do if he heard about the mistreatment of brothers and sisters who return to our congregations and communities after being released from prison? I think we know exactly what Paul would do. Paul would write a letter!” (140)

Thus, McClenny-Sadler offers a “Letter to African American Churches Concerning the Saints Coming Home from Prison.” It uses “the hybrid style of a Pauline epistle and a scholarly article” as a call to action (ibid.)

Inspired by her letter, several PrisonLectionary.net contributors take up the same task. The first comes to us from “EB .”

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Sermon: “A Good Fish Story” (Jonah 3:1-10)


On Wednesday, February 17, a member of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Chesterfield, Virginia, read a sermon written by Matthew B. Harper during the evening worship service. Matthew is a member of St. David’s and an Aspirant for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church.

Read the sermon here: “A Good Fish Story”