Lent 2A

“Born Again”

by AMN

John 3:1-17

Jesus was and still is the greatest teacher that walked this earth. So much so, that one of the highly recognized scholars of Jerusalem acknowledged it. Jesus used a late-night discussion with Nicodemus to introduce the doctrine of being born again to enter God’s Holy Kingdom. This sent shockwaves through the scholar’s neural pathways and ruptured his whole understanding.

So what does being born again really mean? I believe that it means that when we come to the altar of grace with a repentant heart and acknowledge that Jesus came to die for our sins, then we begin to bury our old selves. An encounter with the Lord and Savior of humanity through the guidance of the Holy Spirit will allow us to realize that our old lives have to be surrendered to live a free, sanctified life that is dedicated to God.

I believe that the reason we know very little about Jesus’ life between his birth and the inauguration of his ministry was done on purpose. Jesus was living the true example of what it means to be born again in God’s Kingdom.

We, as born again citizens of the Glorious Kingdom of God, no longer have to look back at who we once were. We have been liberated from that old self and walk in the new life given to us by the death of Jesus. We are to fix our sight forward with the spirit of humility, love compassion, mercy, grace–characteristics of a born-again person.


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