Ash Wednesday

2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10

by Keith Wiglusz

“Being reconciled to God”

This is the the gospel message: fixing what keeps us apart from God, be it a follower of Christ Jesus or not. 

What I see around me is men knowing of God and keeping away. We fear change even though they try to look righteous but fail. In fact the term “epic fail”, would be more appropriate. We that are incarcerated should know this more than ever. Our failures have put us at rock bottom. We are in need of some form of hope. Living in hopelessness makes for rough living. We are told that turning to Christ can give us hope. But we fail to realize that turning to Him also means turning away from ourselves. The fullness of our hope through Jesus Christ is dictated by how we reconcile with God when we fail.

I once attended a multi-denomination Ash Wednesday service that introduced me to the smearing of ash on my forehead in the form of the Cross. I felt so close to God during the whole service and right away after that Satan got my attention. I learned that we were to keep the ash on us the whole day. Well I knew that I would seen by all people that day and remarks would be made to me about it. I was briefly dreading to show my faith openly in a way I had never done before. I restrained from removing the ash along with repenting for my hesitation. I was asked by others that saw me that day and I told them what it represented and I got no hassle or condemnation. But what made my hesitation even more convicting was a news reporter I viewed on television later that day with the ash cross on their forehead for millions to see.

I continue to pray for more boldness in my walk with Christ and He certainly provides it the closer I am to Him. Rising above the Ashes has a new meaning in my life now. Praise God!


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