Poem: “Christmas Bells”

by Timothy J. Donovan

“Christmas Bells”

As Christmas bells ring through the air,
I ask myself, “Why do people care?”

All the decorations and twinkling lights,
what makes these people’s hopes shine so bright?

“Merry Christmas,” is all I hear,
what makes this season so full of cheer?

Hallelujah shouting and carol singing,
what is this message these people are bringing?

With smiling faces and tears of joy,
they tell this story about the birth of a savior boy.

What myth is this from a bygone day,
of a virgin-born king leading the way?

A holy one who shepherds His strays,
“O Emmanuel,” I hear them say!

Is this true, do I dare believe,
that this risen king grants eternal reprieve?

Ring on! Ring on! O Christmas bells,
lead me to the Word that saves a person from hell!

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