Lectionary: Advent 2A

by AMN

Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

“Relief of Judgment”

This psalm was initially a prayer for the young King Solomon when he replaced his father David on the throne. In this psalm, there’s an outline of how he is to govern the kingdom of Israel. The poor are to be rightly judged, the children of the needy are to be saved, and the oppressor needs to be broken (v. 4).These are all things that Christ exercised in his ministry on Earth. The first two come easy to followers during the holiday season and forgotten even faster when it’s over. What about breaking the oppressor in pieces?

We live in a nation that thrives during any type of oppression. You think I’m lying? Well then just ask the Native Americans, African-Americans, or any other minority group. More importantly, ask the incarcerated folks behind the walls of thousands of detention facilities across America. Ask those who are being dehumanized and kept in Guantanamo Bay without any legal merit to be detained there.

We can’t pick and choose which part of our faith is most befitting to us. That’s not how it goes.  Yet, when it comes to draconian laws and policies to throw away the key on human beings, few in the faith oppose the oppression and the infliction of pain it does to millions of people today.

I ask that you take the time to ponder these times and speak out against all oppression and exercise “relief of judgment” to all who are suffering under the oppressor’s boot. When you do so, you will be exercising a Christ-like love and humility that conquers all the worldly madness there is today.

Heavenly Father, I ask that your Spirit pour over this nation like a mighty stream. We need healing during this time of hatred and division. We need relief of unjust judgment and we need freedom, both spiritually and physically. Amen. 

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