Essay: “Where there is no vision…” (Prov 29:18)

This scripture reminds me of faith and the works that follow. Vision is defined as “the ability to perceive something not actually visible.” Being incarcerated with no programs on reform or education, how can one perceive hope of a better life? This is a question that is in the forefront of my mind daily.

As I travel through this journey of life, I have come to build upon faith and visualizing my expected end. Meaning, I work towards my goal of a higher calling. If you don’t want to educate me, I will educate myself. If you don’t offer reform, I will fully step into the furnace of refinement myself. What stands in the way of your vision?

Does perish literally mean physical death in the scripture? Or could it be some form of mental death? I say both in the sense that once mental death has taken place, physical death is but yards away. I witness this tragedy daily, brothers giving up hope (mental death) so they give up on self (physical and spiritual life) and the weight of the world crushes the life out of them. Literally, they die young in here.

As I come to close, ask yourself, is my vision light, reflecting rays of hope to others? Or is my vision only on self and not the human family that exists on planet earth? We have work cut out for us and it starts with that mental picture. Draw it up, visualize it, and bring that glorious thought to the physical plane manifest.



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