Lectionary: Proper 7C / Ordinary 12C / Pentecost +5

1 Kings 19:1-15

“That Still Small Voice”

by AMN

I hold this passage of God’s holy word very dear to my depraved heart. That still small voice that came to Elijah on that mountain came to me during a life-altering moment in my life. I was in solitary confinement and literally fighting against spiritual wickedness in my cell.

I had reached a point in my life that I was dissatisfied with the way it was headed. I ended up being in a broken and humble state and it allowed me to ask the right questions. That’s when he replied in that still small voice. All along I thought God speaks with a grand and thunderous voice, but instead he whispered in my ear.

That’s when I finally realized that he has been speaking to me all along, but I’ve been tuning him out with the cares of this world. When the cares of this world no longer satisfy your soul, that’s when you can hear him and understand that he’s by your side all the time. He doesn’t have to yell, scream or bang a couple of clouds together to speak and it’s because he’s not that far from us.

Holy father, we thank you for your blessed son Jesus Christ. It is by the precious blood of Jesus, that we are no longer separated from your eternal love and grace. It is because of that reason, we are able to hear your still small voice while you direct us through this course that you have laid down so that your will to be done. 


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