Lectionary: Proper 5C / Ordinary 10C / Pentecost +3

by CM

1 Kings 17:8-16 [17-24]

“Respond to Power”

Our prophet Elijah receives word to wait out a time of drought at the home of a widow and her son in Sidon. The nation suffered, while the widow prospered. We know there’s an abundance of blessings to be experienced when we seek the LORD. But are we ready to respond when the LORD seeks us?

Had this widow not responded properly when Elijah revealed the means to have life and have it more abundantly, let’s face it, we wouldn’t be talking about her. And today, there are many people who fall in that category. There were many widows in Israel, they could have responded to God’s presence because God is everywhere. But the presence of the prophet represents the ONLY place where God’s voice is heard, not the only place where God is speaking.

A benefit of being the one who hears God, Elijah’s presence at the widow’s home represents the development of the relationship with God. And it’s because of that relationship that God responded to the widow’s voice. I’m sure many widows in Israel lost the sons, but only the widow in Sidon received hers back from the dead.

The story reveals that the real dynamic blessing is experienced not in our seeking God, which the widow wasn’t doing, but in responding to God, which is exactly what she did.

Elijah represents the voice of God to us today, directing our attention to that seemingly insignificant thing, or place, or person where God requires a response from us, and activates the means to translate the ever-present spiritual blessing into our physical experience and enjoyment. Be like that one who responded, not as the seeking multitude.


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