Lectionary: Ascension

by LA

Ascension A

Acts 1:1-11

The Book of Acts begins with Messiah teaching his Apostles for forty days after his resurrection and commanding them not to leave Jerusalem until the promised Holy Spirit is sent to them. He then ascends up to heaven from the Mr. of Olives. Two men in white, who we are lead to believe are actually angels, tell the Apostles that the Messiah will come back to Earth in the same manner they saw him go up to heaven.

I often wonder what the return of the Messiah will be like. I think a great many “churchmen”will be very surprised when the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes in his glory. If the Book of Acts is correct, he will not return as the blond haired blue eyed figure many in the church are familiar with from countless murals painted on the walls and ceilings of churches and cathedrals the world over. I also doubt very much that he was speaking Latin, Greek, or Shakespearean English when he ascending either.

The hard fact is that when the Messiah ascended to the Father, he did so as a Jewish Hebrew Israelite Rabbi from Galilee and he will return in the same manner. As believers who profess absolute love for the Messiah, shouldn’t be do everything we can to learn all we can about him? Wouldn’t that including the languages he spoke? The customs he practiced? Or the feasts he observed? Aren’t all those Jewish feasts about him anyway?

Now there are those who contend that all believers are commanded to learn such things and there are those whose contention is that such knowledge is unnecessary and superfluous. I myself cannot see any good reason not to learn them. What harm could ever come from knowing all we can about our Savior? And what rewards?

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