Lectionary: Easter 2C

by AMN

Acts 5:27-32

“We Are His Witnesses”

We are entering an age where the commandments of men are being transformed to totally disregard and disobey God’s sovereign rule. what are we to do?

All I can say to all of you believers is stand firm. We are witnesses of God’s Holy Truth. Pick up the mantle that has been left to you by the Apostles and the early church, and praise the God who raised up Jesus! Easter 2C Acts5We are His witnesses, who should always testify about his life, death and resurrection! We are witnesses to his peace, righteousness and salvation!

So, once again, I say to you my brothers and sisters, stand firm. It is better to suffer for righteousness’ sake than to enjoy the spoils of wickedness.

May the Prince of Peace, our blessed Lord, continue to rule your hearts with the peace that passes all understanding.

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