Saturday, Second Week in Lent

By Matthew B. Harper

1 Corinthians 7:16 – Wife…you might save your husband. Husband, …you might save your wife.

Paul cautions us to remain tied to the people who would remain tied to us. Even if they are unbelievers, they may become saved through our lives and our ministry.

I am a young white male, a biker, a weight lifter, and wear too many tattoos. I am also a Christian, a teacher, and a worship leader. I often attract all sorts of people, and all sorts of friends. I turn none away, but minister to all who are in need, and all who will listen. I have often been criticized by some of my Christian brothers for spending time with men who were in biker gangs, or racist gangs, and it mystifies me. I have found many of these men to be good men, however misguided. Who will minister to them if not us?

Recently several men from the Christian Motorcycle Association came in to evangelize out on our recreation yard. These men from the CMA roared right onto the yard on beautiful bikes, and then in their leathers and tattoos they preached to men about our Lord. One older man, a semi-retired preacher, put 78,000 miles on his bike in the last two years just driving to different prisons across the country to evangelize! Paul cautioned the Corinthians to remain with God in whatever condition we were in when we were called.

So when you see bikers on the road, look to see if they wear a patch for an outlaw club, or for Christ. And even if they ride for a club, who will minister to them if not you? Minister to whomever God places before you; speak into whatever ears God has opened; turn none away. Christ’s table is open to all.

That it may please thee to send forth laborers into thy harvest, and to draw all mankind into thy kingdom, We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord” BCP 150

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