Advent Devotional Introduction (part 5)

On Sunday, November 29th and every day until Christmas, a daily reflection will appear to accompany and inspire readers in their own time of preparation.

Highways in the Desert

by Matthew B. Harper


Part 5

click here to start with Part 1 (in case you missed it)

This is a time to gather in love with our communities. This is a time to spend with those whom we love, and love us. This is a time to reach out to those who need our help. This is a time to show love in whatever actions, ways, or gifts we can. And all of this is in celebration and love for God, and the love of God.

During this time of year we light candles. We do it to mark and remember how Christ came as a light into a dark and lost world. Prison is a darkness difficult to understand or imagine, and the light of Christ shines brightly. This is a barren desert, and Christ is here. Whatever the desert in your life, whatever the joy, let us build a highway for our God.

What follows are 42 devotionals: one for each day of Advent, for Christmas Eve, for the 12 days of Christmas, and for the Epiphany feast. All scripture references are taken from the New Revised Standard Version of the bible, but any good translation will suffice. I encourage you to read the Daily office readings, read the devotional, and then spend a few quiet moments in prayer meditating on what God is speaking to you on this day. The scripture verse for each day can serve as a powerful focus for meditation, and so can the names of God used during the twelve days of Christmas. At the end of each devotion are some words of prayer and praise from the seasonal hymns of the Episcopal Hymnal of 1982.

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